Het laatste nieuws is dat volgende week de nieuwe Firmware update beschikbaar komt.

inmiddels zijn er al wat gegevens bekend die in deze update zijn meegenomen.

RELEASE ALL: Now it´s possible to stop all PlayBacks and executors at once. ( Soft button in Virtual Playbacks or REL+CLEAR on LS-1 ).

ALL TO ZERO: Now it’s possible to force all channels to zero.

STEP MODE: Now Step Mode is the default playback mode.

MESSAGES: LightShark now displays confirmation messages in the file browser.

AUTOCONNECT: Now LightShark automatically reconnects itself after a reboot, there is no need to reload the page in the web browser.

REPATCH: Now it’s possible to change the address of a fixture.

FIXTURE EDITOR: LightShark now includes the integrated Fixture editor. It’s possible to make changes on the fly, with 2 screens it is possible to make changes in the fixture editor in the 1º window  and testing in the other one. No need to re-patch the fixture.
Bug Fix:

SOLVED: Pong mode could cause software restart.

SOLVED: Backward mode malfunction.

SOLVED: Fade in on the first cue didn’t work properly.

SOLVED: The macros were executed with an offset channel.

SOLVED: Switching between Chase or Step Mode had no effect.

SOLVED: Cross-Fade was not making the transition correctly.



-Improved Recent and Brand selection within the Patch window.
-Included firmware upgrade system for LS-Core.
-LightShark checks that a valid password is entered when the Wi-Fi password is changed.
-No need to reload the Patch window after creating a fixture profile.
-The rendering engine has been improved.

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